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What I Offer

Circular clothing

We offer circular clothing for an affordable price. The clothing can be adjusted to the price and vice versa. Our clothes are made with great care for the people, employees and the environment. They are made from PET plastics and dyed with CO2. The color range is limitless!

Circular assecoires

We offer a number of assocoires that can be custom made or ordered as they are. The clothing can be adjusted to the price and vice versa. Our assecoires are made with great care for the people, employees and the environment.

Personal Branding

You can create your own design & product or customize the products with your brand. You decide, we deliver.

What I Do

Clean environment, satisfied joyful employee, delighted customer

If you want to change the world, start with your own surrounding” – Jenny Netten. And it is true. Once 1 drop falls in a pond it creates ripples, which reach almost endlessly. But when it rains each ripple from each drop get’s disturbed through others. That is why Jenny started in her hometown, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to create a ripple so strong that the change is felt around the world. In Rotterdam she started to make wonderful circular clothes out of waste. If anyone is active as a social entrepreneur, it is Jenny Netten. She has an eye for the environment and the future of young people. She thinks in solutions and improvements , in particular for waste processing, fast fashion and employment.

There is one dress that is incredibly wanted. A test case in which Jenny demonstrated in her own stand on the Rotterdam Market that raw materials can be made from PET bottles. The PET is used to make granules, which can be converted into yarn by heating and woven into clothing. Because the waste can no longer be transported to China, we must now see waste plastic as a raw material and start collecting it. That is why her clothing can be converted back to raw material and used for infinitely different purposes.

Her dresses are sewed by women further away from the labor market, and in particular Rukhsanda Aahmad. This group of wonderful women who are further away from the labor market use their time and energy to commit full devotion in providing the best products to their lovely customers and their share in building towards a global circular economy.

Jenny’s circular clothing, which she designs, shows that plastics can be used to make comfortable wearing and breathable synthetic fabrics for the world, right now and in the future circular economy.

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