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Previously, our Dutch plastic waste was moved by ship to China, where it could be processed. In the meantime, China (but also Vietnam) is refusing European plastic waste, which means that processing options must be found closer to the source. The ultimate elaboration of Dresscode010 will ensure this and will result in an exportable and marketable processing technology. We now have experience in reprocessing recycled plastic into textiles that are sold as dresses, hoodies, T-shirts, accessories and much more. We see and use the opportunity to convert plastic waste flows into sustainable clothing, build from raw materials, which makes it perfect for the circular economy. Our goal is to put an end to plastic waste flows and to convert them into a sustainable high-quality circular product.

My Story

How she Started

There was a harbour in Katendrecht, a lot of (plastic) waste and a girl, who could not bare the sight. The girl grew up to a spirited honest woman who started her company through trials and error from the bottom up. Depending on volunteers and people that do not have a job she shares her story for over 10 years through social entrepreneurship and giving where she can. She designs clothing and is active in the fashion industry since 2000 with her one-woman’s business LookForDetail. 12 years later she founded her company DressCode010, in which 010 stands for the municipality of Rotterdam, to build a global bridge to circular sustainable fashion. The publication list highlights just a very small amount of events in those years. As we all know, growing fast means looking at the future!

Serving you & the Earth

For many years I have worked as a stand lady at the market that I enjoy till this day. I mix my experience as a fashion stylist with serving people and my passion for dressing. People without a job will be given a purpose & students an opportunity. I design, luxury & often multifunctional, clothes that are brought to life and sold to please. I support projects with a purpose to their community, environment, circular economy and much more. Not only plastic and the fashion industry will be given a second change, so does our economy and Earth. I might not have an academic education & do have dyslexia, this world is about so much more. It is about, you & me, making a difference.

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Publications & Recognitinon

  • Waste2Wear
  • Madurodam
  • Doelknuffel
  • Municipality of Rotterdam
  • Winkeliersvereniging
  • GroenCollect Biohub

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